Like words used to build a story, sensory attractions build my experience. I wait, listen, trust, pause, listen, leap, stop, and begin again to collect, compose, wonder, experience. Each mosaic-like piece within the Restoration series was photographed during one of New England's four seasons.The many hours spent outside in nature form the matrix on which I build. The process of creating each work elicited a restorative response within me. Colors, smells, sounds, personality of subject and season, even the warm August breeze, touched me—as I worked in the dead of winter compiling separate elements into a whole. The finished work within this series may appear to be symmetrical, it is not, but in fact, it is simply a reflection of internal urgings to create balance. Perfect imperfection.

Visual Memoirs is a growing body of work. Each piece had its own unique beginning: a dream, familial history, longing to understand, desire to heal. One or more of the following form the content of each piece: digital photography scans of old black and white photos/color slides, and digital painting. Click the image to enlarge it and to enter this gallery.