Commissions: Visual Memoir ~ Garden & Landscape Portraits

About the Artist 

Marlow Shami developed her uncanny eye for powerful imagery in her early days as a network television photographer and producer. Years of working as an award winning independent media consultant and radio host sharpened her interview and listening skills for “the story waiting to be told.”

Marlow’s  quiet presence, intuitive facility and ability to collaborate make the commission of your fine art work a memorable experience.

You are left with a one of a kind archival quality fine art print capturing the spirit of your garden or landscape, or the poignant memories of a loved one.

Marlow’s Hartford Art School BFA, Goddard Community Media Training, and Masters degree in Ecopsychology form the foundation on which her creativity grows

Garden or Landscape Portrait: Commission a one of a kind portrait based on the quality and spirit of your beloved garden or landscape.

How I work

We start the landscape or garden portrait on location and talk about your relationship with this natural area. I want to hear you speak freely about this place you are so drawn to.

After spending time in the  natural area with you I will need time alone for the photographic work. I’ll then go back to my studio and begin the detailed and intuitive process of weaving the imagery together.

Visual Memoirs: A visual memoir reflects your life or the life of a loved one. The image may high-light pivotal moments of a life time or capture the essence of a personality. Subjects could be a beloved relative, friend, or companion animal.

How I work

We meet to talk about the particular type of visual memoir you would like to commission.

I collect images you may have and copy them for possible inclusion. I may photograph additional images.

I then create a composite of these images which may include digital painting within the work.

I take your comments and make final adjustments before completing your visual memoir.