CD Nature's Way Meditation
Marlow D.J. Shami CD Nature's Way Meditation spoken word guided meditations
Nature's Way Meditations
spoken word guided meditations

I am writing to thank you for providing such a marvelous way for me to relax after a hard day at work... My therapist recommended your CD to me, and after using it the first night, I was able to actually relax enough to sleep the entire night thru... Given the stresses of raising a child in this uncertain world, I often find myself worrying about her future, and listening to your soothing voice and words coupled with the nurturing sounds and music actually affords me a better frame of mind than any of the other meditation CDs I have tried.

Daniel G. Gust, Washington DC

Nature’s Way Meditations by Marlow Shami

1.Deep Peace (13:11)
2.Opening To Nature’s Heart (6:33)
3. Natural Centering (13:53)
4. Cultivating Your Healing Devotion (17:46)

Guided meditation is an ancient and powerful healing technique that invokes and uses the senses. Scientists have taken notice of the power of meditation and are currently documenting positive outcomes in scores of rigorous studies.

Nature’s Way Meditations elicit your ability to recognize and integrate the wisdom you have inherited as a part of Nature. You’ll experience deep relaxation and enhanced communication between your body, mind, soul and the natural world as you meditate. Ultimately, my intention is to offer you an experience that deepens your awareness of being part Nature. Nature, as defined in the dictionary, is the creative and controlling force in the universe – and I’ll add, a force that heals.

The benefits of your meditation experience may include: Transformation of stress into healing guidance, an enhanced sense of grounding, expansion of compassion toward yourself and others, a sense of being a part of something far larger than yourself and perhaps recognizing this “something” as a benevolent witness and co-creator.

These meditations are wonderful to use any time. Make sure you create a quiet, attractive, private space without distraction. The more you meditate, the easier it will become. I especially recommend using these meditations before you go outdoors to enjoy nature. Each one will help you tap into your inner nature and enhance your receptivity to Nature’s healing presence within and all around you.