Nature As Healer


Nature As Healer

Accessing Nature’s Creative Healing Touch


Marlow D.J. Shami

An experiential workshop for those interested in experiencing the simple power of nature’s healing affects through guided meditation, natural-healing-touch, and out-of-doors activities with Nature. Participants learn a simple yet profound method of connecting one’s inner nature with the web of life, and in the process, deepen sensitivity to nature’s wisdom. No meditation experience is necessary. All that’s needed is a blanket/mat if you prefer to lie down for meditation and comfortable clothes for in and out of doors. 


Did you have a special “fort” as a child -- an outside hideaway, a place immune to the stresses of civilization?  

Whether you grew up in a city, suburb, or rural landscape you most likely found your sacred place in a tree, rock formation, gazing out an open window, or on an apartment roof. Back then being a part of nature was instinctive. It attracted us just as the sun inspires the flower’s bud to bloom. A visit could bring creative imaginings, renewal, a sense of protection, warmth, comfort, or emotional mirroring.

Growing up in a “modern culture” makes this life affirming relationship with nature a challenge to access.   Society’s unnatural pace, multi tasking, and nature anemic values mute the sensory connections -- our lifelines with nature – as a result, often our vitality is numbed and this vital relationship mostly forgotten.

Much of our innate wisdom is dulled when we forget our multisensory nature. It is through our senses (we have 53!) that we are able to recover sustainable actions and thinking.  It is here in the tending of our senses that we may make sense out of our complex lives, and find guidance in the process.

Experiencing nature-based activities nurtures our emotional sense of love with all of life. Understanding the attractions that hold the universe together as “love in action” infers that noticing and honoring our sensory connections with the natural world is an act of love. Thinking and acting inspired by love generates nature’s daily sustenance -- our daily bread for the soul.

Love could be likened to the needle of a compass planted deep within each of us. Deepening one’s wisdom is a process that includes personal reflection and, nature based experience. Each of us has a unique family history, physical and emotional constitution, spiritual background, and geographic connection. How we decide upon our life’s direction depends upon reading this compass whose workings are dependent upon the ability to enliven many senses.

Nature guides our life’s trajectory. As we cultivate our ability to be present with whatever life has to offer, and notice how we are touched by our experience, we naturally expand beyond the border of our tender ego and experience ourselves as an expression of the vast benevolence of a universe built of love. 


This workshop's length may be tailored for your group's schedule. Call or email if you’d like to learn more. Tel 860.491.2067 or


***** To learn more about your sensory potential read 53 Senses  ******


"Nature is powerful. I'm glad to know that Marlow is using and teaching about its healing power."

C. Bounting, Professor


"Marlow inspired me to find ways of integrating the healing work into my field of wilderness therapy. She courageously and effectively presented a subject not readily accepted by our mainstream society. She presented the information in clear, relevant and understandable language."

Chris Lamontagne, Student attending the Experiential Educators Regional Conference


Marlow Shami, M.S. is an artist, teacher, and writer who conducts workshops on nature, creativity, and healing. Her specialty is the healing connection between humans and the natural world.